About The Farm

The Farmhouse is actively involved in organic farming of the following crops, vegetables and fruits. Depending on one’s interest visitors can plan their visit to the farm to coincide with the cropping season.

Crops/Vegetables/Fruits Time of sowing Time of Harvest
Maize March September
Buckwheat December March
Finger Millet March & June July & November
Green peas October March
Rice June-July November
Wheat October March
Large Cardamom June-July October-November
Mandarin orange June-July December
Potato December& October May & January
Beans March & August July & December
Pumpkin March June-July
Cucumber March June-July
Lettuce March & August June-July & December
Radish March & August June-July& December
Edible Ground Orchid July November-December
Passion fruit June-July August -September

The Farmhouse is surrounded by lush green large cardamom fields (Bhara Elaichi) which is a rare variety spread across six acres of land. The forest is enriched with wild edibles like bamboo shoots and cane shoots of different varieties during the monsoons, wild edibles ferns during the month of July to August, wild mushrooms during the monsoon seasons and stinking nettles in the month of August and September.

Farmhouse’s Livestock:

The farm house rears Jersey cows for milk, butter, cottage cheese, York curd and butter milk of which the Butter and cheese of the Farmhouse are in great demand in local market because of its good and pure quality. Goats, Chicken for eggs and pigs according to traditional as well as practical practise for Organic Waste consumption.
Peaceful and serene experience on the earth, whose nature is close and man is not disturbing. thank you for providing this experience. your homely atmosphere, informal but careing attitude and good food with all accompany us for very long.

Dr. Uma Hemamt Shinde
Gold spot lane
Sharda road
Mumbai, India


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