Responsible Tourism

We adhere to the following principles of responsible and quality tourism by following

Waste Management
- No use of plastics in the compound
- Piggery for bio waste management
- Create organic manure from bio waste

Water Management
- Double flushing citerns installed in toilet
- Use of waste water for irrigation of farm

Energy conservation
- Use of CFL bulbs in the farm
- No generators and no air conditioners used

Quality tourism
- Limited number of guests entertained in the farm
- Showcase the culture and traditions of Sikkim
- use total organic food items grown in the farm premises
- traditional Sikkimese cuisines for the visitors
- noise free environment for the visitors
- pollution free environment for the visitors
- provide local employment
- minimal impact to the environment
- promote and maintain a green environment by planting trees and shrubs in the farm
It was a wonderful experience! The Nature is Amazing and the People of Bon farmhouse are the most polite, friendly and generous people of whole trip in India. Thank you very much we loved the stay.

Bart Binoy van Oosterwijick

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