Kewzing Village

Kewzing village is at an altitude of 1700 meters in the landcape with highest point the Maenam Hill which gradually declines down to Ranjit River and opposite to Tashiding. Kewzing in local Sikkemese Bhutia language means the “Land of wheat Fields” and is also known as Sosing “land of chestnut forest”. The village has a mere population of two hundred people majorly Sikkimese Bhutia community and is blessed with nature’s bounties. The pollution is almost zero with large area covered with lush green forests and home to some of the exotic birds of Sikkim. The village is dotted with cardamom and tea plantations. Kewzing’s location is blessed by Buddhist monasteries on all the four sides with Tashiding monastery in the south-west, Mangbru and Pemayengtshen Monastery in West, Ralong and Ravangla monastery in southeast, Doling Monastery in east and Bon Monastery towards the North.


A unique experience with lovely people in lovely habitate .I wish I could come here at least once.

T Maharana
Khira Nagar,Santacruz-W

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